Saturday, 28 November 2015


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Thursday, 26 November 2015

LESSON 3: Application of CVI

CVI should be applied everywhere of the company, especially in some prominent positions. We can see CVI in following places:

LESSON 2: Basic Elements of CVI

A CVI consists of a name, logo, typography, color, slogan, and, often, additional graphic design elements. The name and logo are the most recognizable elements of an organization’s visual identity. 

LESSON 1: Concept and Meaning of CVI

-What is CVI?

CVI (Corporate Visual Identity) is one concept of design and also a branch of corporate identity. It is a complete and systematic visual expression system with corporate names, logos and symbols, colour, and typeface at the core. It transforms enterprise concept, enterprise culture, service contents, specifications and other abstract concepts into specific symbols, creating a unique corporate image. In the corporate identity, visual identity design is the most spread and appeal part, as well as the most easily accepted by the public. Below is a good sample of CVI.