Thursday, 26 November 2015

LESSON 1: Concept and Meaning of CVI

-What is CVI?

CVI (Corporate Visual Identity) is one concept of design and also a branch of corporate identity. It is a complete and systematic visual expression system with corporate names, logos and symbols, colour, and typeface at the core. It transforms enterprise concept, enterprise culture, service contents, specifications and other abstract concepts into specific symbols, creating a unique corporate image. In the corporate identity, visual identity design is the most spread and appeal part, as well as the most easily accepted by the public. Below is a good sample of CVI.
CVI design of LOREM company

-Why corporates need to design their own CVI

Corporate visual identity plays a significant role in the way an organization presents itself to both internal and external stakeholders. Internal effects of a CVI involve in an organization’s identity, while external effects may come to light in its image.

Identity refers to a set of characteristics that, according to employees, are typical for an organization. It is often defined as employees’ perceptions, feelings, and beliefs regarding the organization. Identification appears to be crucial for employees, and corporate visual identity probably plays a symbolic role in creating such identification.

Image refers to the total of external stakeholders’ perceptions and impressions of an organization. For virtually all profit and non-profit organizations, it is of vital importance that people know that the organization exists and remember its name and core business at the right time.


Assume a fictitious company for our next design class.

-Give the name and target group of the company

-Give the features of products the company selling or the service the company providing.

-Also, list the enterprise concept, culture and vision.