Thursday, 26 November 2015

LESSON 2: Basic Elements of CVI

A CVI consists of a name, logo, typography, color, slogan, and, often, additional graphic design elements. The name and logo are the most recognizable elements of an organization’s visual identity. 


Research suggests that logos can communicate corporate identities and thereby affect corporate images. Furthermore, a logo may help in differentiating organizations from competitors crossing international boundaries, and building employee identification. A logo is therefore an important CVI tool for organizations.
two different business cards

See these two different business cards. The difference is that a logo is added in the right one. It is obviously that others can immediately know Kate is from Apple Inc. because of the famous logo of this company in her business card.


Corporate colors are one of the most instantly recognizable elements of a corporate visual identity and promote a strong non-verbal message on the company's behalf. Examples of corporate colors:

-Red for Coca-Cola

-Blue for IBM, nicknamed "Big Blue"

-Brown for UPS, "What can Brown do for you"

-Light Teal for Korean Air

logo of CVI Online Class
See the logo I designed for our class. The main color is orange and white which is consistent with the whole blog of this class.


Think about your company’s basic elements of CVI.
-Think about the color, slogan, typography of your company design

-Design a logo for your company