-Samples of CVI to boost your understanding of it.

-Counter example
There is no name and logo of the company in CVI design.

There is no standard color in CVI design.

-Videos  to give a deeper instruction of CVI elements.

5 Ways to Use Your Logo & Corporate Identity More Effectively
Create An Authentic Brand

-Websites to provide more information

You may be inspired from these nice websites:

-Mind mapping tools to develop a diagram for your company and its CVI design plan

Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm, make a plan, or turn ideas into the steps needed to make it real. Thankfully, there are great tools out there to help you build mind maps, organize them, and save them for later. Here's a look at five good mind mapping tools:

-Mindjet (Windows/Mac/iOS)  

-XMind (Windows/Mac/Linux)

-Coggle (Webapp)                     

-Freemind (Windows/Mac/Linux)

-MindNode (Mac/iOS)              

-Website creating tools



-Microsoft FrontPage


-Logo creating tools

-Photoshop, CORELDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Sothink Logo Maker, AAA logo